My name is Jack Rice and I am a 19 year old student who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. I am the founder of Never Out of Wonder. I started this company with the hope of spreading an awareness of the wonders that are available to each of us, no matter what your life circumstances may be. Life can be difficult and challenging but I believe that even in difficult circumstances you can train yourself to see the beauty in the world...see the lessons. Before I was born, I had a stroke which affects the right side of my body. Growing up, I faced adversity when doing certain tasks; by having a positive perspective on life, I have been able to appreciate the ups and downs of life. The mindset in which you live is very powerful, I have realized a positive outlook is the best way to enjoy the ride. My goal is to bring awareness to the many wonders in life which are available to each of us right now

Never out of Wonder


Never Out of Wonder is a tribute to the present. Knowing we can never be out of wonder as long as we live. We focus on appreciating the life we live now. Our goal is to help all people realize their appreciation for life in this moment. 

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